What We Do?

Our business focuses on IP Creation and Animation Production Service

One of our most valuable IP franchise is Balita®, a kids-friendly cartoon with 10 million+ subscribers on YouTube. Currently, it’s one of the most popular cartoon in Indonesia. Visit balita.co

As for Animation Production Service, one of our advertising works, “Sebuah Kenangan Manis” were trending on Twitter in Indonesia, 2020. Read the Article on Kompas.com


About Us - Solar Studio

Why Work With Us?

We are going through deep thoughts about what kind of content we’re making. The aim is to deliver the fresh and unexpected experience for the viewers.

About Us - Solar Studio

Meet The Team

Solar Studio - Yon Tanto

Yon Tanto

Co-Founder & Chief of Executive

Solar Studio - Chitra Astriana

Chitra Astriana

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Solar Studio - Rahadyo Widyastomo

Rahadyo Widyastomo

Co-Founder & Production Manager

Solar Studio - Henry Tanuwijaya

Henry Tanuwijaya

Art Director

Solar Studio - Marshellinus Hosana

Marshellinus Hosana

Director of Tax & Accounting

Solar Studio - David (Mr. D) Mardian

David (Mr. D) Mardian

Head of 3D Department

Solar Studio - Ida Ambarwati

Ida Ambarwati

Social Media & Content Strategist

Solar Studio - Andi Hardianto

Andi Hardianto

Senior 2D Animator

Solar Studio - Juvie Ananda

Juvie Ananda

3D Generalist

Solar Studio - Deva Prabowo

Deva Prabowo

3D Animator

Solar Studio - M. Yusriwahyudin Yusuf

M. Yusriwahyudin Yusuf

3D Animator

Solar Studio - Affifudin Yusuf Hidayat

Affifudin Yusuf Hidayat

3D Generalist

Solar Studio - Mukh. David Maulana

Mukh. David Maulana

Lead Artist

Solar Studio - Desy Arianti Nur Fitriah

Desy Arianti Nur Fitriah

2D Animator

Solar Studio - Wahyuni Rahayu

Wahyuni Rahayu

2D Animator

Solar Studio - Aditya Anshaar Waluyo

Aditya Anshaar Waluyo

Vfx Artist & Video Editor

Solar Studio - Rizky Pucu

Rizky Pucu

Multimedia & Graphic Designer

Solar Studio - Isaac Tehilah

Isaac Tehilah

Storyboard Artist

Solar Studio - Faris Anhar

Faris Anhar

2D Animator

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